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Ng Yu Hng Composer

Ng Yu Hng is a London-based Singaporean composer whose works explore notions of musical time, liturgy and intertextuality. He read his Masters degree at the Royal Academy of Music with Morgan Hayes, supported by the Countess of Munster Trust Scholarship. Previously, he studied at King’s College London, achieving the Purcell Prize in Music for academic excellence.​

How we have helped Yu Hng ...

Yu Hng's desires a neater and more artistic look for a website he created himself. Through our carefully curated redesign, we managed to create an elegant, refined and minimalist appearance. The website's colour palette is made vibrant through the boutique selection of appropriate colour schemes, and the long walls of texts were shortened through the programming of collapsible elements for texts across his website.

Take a look at his website:

Ng Yu Hng Composer
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